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Pokemon soul silver desmume save file download

Pokemon soul silver desmume save file

For Pokemon SoulSilver Version on the DS, GameFAQs has 6 save games. For Pokemon HeartGold Version on the DS, GameFAQs has 6 save games. I tried copy pasting the DeSmuME folder with inside the Soul back to it's original program path (folder location where it initially ran) Thats the location I had initially cut/pasted it from. That didn't work. I can't also find any save file anywhere on my comp. I searched hidden windows folders like that.

13 Mar The Locale for the Pokemon are JPN, but those can be changed. The Heartgold save is not complete, nor is the the Soul Silver least I think the SS isn't complete. -Every Pokemon comes in two pairs, One Shiny, one Not. -Most have different movesets from their Shiny/Nonshiny counterparts. 15 Mar Hello;I Have An Pokemon Soul Silver Rom Working Fine I Want A Save File That The Game Is Beaten With Pokemon!RARES PERFERABLY Or Regular Please Post A. 5 Jun In pokemon soul silver, I encountered a problem when the game would crash frequently giving me an error meessage of "rom image has crashed" or something along those lines. To fix this, whenever I saved, I immediately closed the game after seeing the start of the message " has saved the game.

so heres the deal i need to convert my save file to R4 save file so i can play it on my DS lite! any ideas? ive tried lots of forums and. 18 Nov I open the ROM for soul silver and immediatly save from the pokemon game. Then i play for some minutes and the left screen goes black again. And I'm % sure I didn't load from any saved state. I open the ROM -> then save from the soul silver menu --> play for some time --> black sreen but the game is. 18 Jul I bought this game used and there seems to be another person's saved file on there I want to delete it so that I can play my game and save it as.., Pokemon Soul Silver Questions and answers, Nintendo DS.



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