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The header iostream.h is a non-standard header and does not exist on all platforms. As a matter of fact it does not exist on my system (using g++ and the GNU libstdc++). So any code using it would simply not compile on my system. The iostream.h header used to be common before C++ was first. Before C++ was even standardised, the I/O library was developed as iostream.h >. However, that header has never been a standard C++ header. Some older compilers continued to distribute the header also as iostream.h>. Use because it is guaranteed by the standard to exist. It's worth noting. I'd take a step back and write another intermediate header you use everywhere instead that does something like: #if defined(sun) || defined(__sun) # if defined (__SVR4) || defined(__svr4__) /* Solaris */ #include # else /* SunOS */ #include "iostream.h" # endif #else /* Sane, modern system.

First of all if you use something like a non-standard Borland or a Turbo C++ compiler; you really need to know that ISO C++ standard headers do not have any extensions unless they are compiler specific or user-defined. [code ]#include iostream>[/. Dec 14, Sometimes we see #include iostream.h and other times we see #include What is the difference?. In the C++ programming language, input/output library refers to a family of class templates and supporting functions in the C++ Standard Library that implement stream-based input/output capabilities. It is an object-oriented alternative to C's FILE-based streams from the C standard library.

Hi all, can someone share difference between iostream and Iostream.h. When written in include statement does above make any difference. valid for classic and standard iostreams with Sun C++ #include iostream.h> class MyClass; istream& operator>>(istream&, MyClass&); ostream& operator<<( ostream&, const MyClass&);. In C++ the separation between instructions is specified with an ending semicolon (;) after each one. The division of code in different lines serves only to make it more legible and schematic for the humans that may read it. Here is a program with some more instruction: // my second program in C++ #include iostream.h> int.



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