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Desktube adobe air

Alright, I'm not sure why it triggers a BSOD for you, but it's not installing due to the fact it was built for an early version of Adobe AIR. Download and install another AIR app to make sure everything is fine (check out my app: DeskTube). If that works with no BSOD, then it appears your system doesn't like it if. DeskTube is a desktop application that allows users to browse and search YouTube videos, access Twitter and Facebook accounts all from the same location. Founded in , DeskTube is built with Adobe AIR, which users must download first in order to utilize the program. DeskTube and many other programs are moving. 25 Sep DeskTube is an Adobe AIR application. DeskTube, as the name suggests, is a free desktop application which YouTube functions to the desktop.

9 Apr DeskTube Lite is a free, separate app solution that requires Adobe AIR, an application environment that DeskTube Lite will install onto your Windows system for you if you don't already have it. DeskTube Lite is very easy to use and fast for playing, searching, sharing (via e-mail) and making playlists for. 22 Jun DeskTube DeskTube is the best YouTube AIR application I've used. The app provides you with a full listing of all the recently featured videos on YouTube. You can search the video site, as well as see all the top videos. If you have a YouTube account, you can upload videos directly from the app instead of. 13 Jul DeskTube is an interactive way to watch, explore, record, and upload video to YouTube from your desktop, complete with Twitter and Facebook stream integration. Today they're announcing a new release that adds four-way video chat. The DeskTube Adobe AIR download has been completely rebuilt and.

1 Dec Well, it's time to get more out of AIR, and here are 10 apps that will make you anxious to get AIR up and running. What are the Adobe AIR apps that you couldn' t live without? Tell us in the comments! DeskTube - DeskTube lets you get complete control over YouTube on your desktop. Search, watch. These 11 cross-platform apps based on AIR technology will help you streamline your YouTube experience, track client time accurately, stitch photos into one panoramic shot, and YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet anyway, but DeskTube brings the fun of browsing YouTube directly to your desktop. Here i wanted to list down the 10 best Adobe AIR applications which can be used for photos and videos. Whether you media sites. DeskTube - Adobe AIR Application ImageDropr is a flickr image transport application that installs to your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer on top of the Adobe® AIR™ runtime. ImageDropr.



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