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12 Nov The N+ Store App allows you to download the latest channel apps available directly from the N+ Store. Add this file to a USB thumb drive along with the package launcher file "gvos2-sd1", and plug it into the TVPad USB port to install. See how to install N+ store app here. Share the knowledge! 0. Tweet. 0. 23 Oct Through the “TVpad Store” you will be able to download apps for: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vientam TV (NAMTV). However, if you wish to install: Japanese (NIJI SHOW app) or Korean (Solive app) you will need to install an app called “N+ Store” through the USB port located at the back of. 5 Aug A new app for batch installing is released to TVpad store. This app calls N+ store. According to the official blog, N+ store have thousands of apps,even including Yuetv (粤海宽频,港粤快看,粤海时移. In anthose words, users who likeprograms just need to install N+ Store APP form TVpad Store, and.

Live TV via Broadband watching in real time Hong Kong TVB ATV - China - Taiwan - Korea - Vietnam - Japan and many more Channels New kareoke 卡拉 OK Apps 即時同步-電視直播-中國香港台灣越南韓國日本電視台 電視机顶盒 永久零 月費 £0/month - Just one off payment This auction is for one Brand New TVPAD2 Box. 6 Jun Next I plug in the HDMI and the ethernet cables and away I go. Initially there's a few screens to do for setup, such as asking for your timezone and what apps you want to install. I also have a 3, so I must draw some comparisons. 3 has a lot more apps available than this TVPad 4. Searching and. I made an order just before the outage issues and I haven't heard from them since. I'm not filing a dispute with credit card until after 1 month. I got my tvpad4 today. I placed my order days ago. I don't know whether this is a good news or bad news. The box doesn't come with any apps and the app store.

Prior to the current TVPad problem, I am already using CloudTV, TV Plus , VST全聚合, and vChannel (not in the zip) on my Android TV box for some time and would recommend these Android apps as interim substitutes in the absence of reliable TVPad streaming. Nov 6th, pm. # 20 Dec For live Hong Kong channels or TVB dramas channels, you will have to manually install them. To do this, there are two ways. 1 – you can download and install each individual Chinese apps to your device. 2 – you can download and install another App store application called “N+” to your TVpad device. 1 Feb It is actually very nicely made, they combined three Cantonese apps into one. The new app is called “粵海直播”. You can download this with the N+ app in the TVpad AppStore or you can download the app from the N+app website ().



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