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compilation unit (*.java file). File ending , Java file which is not on a build path. class file. generic file (unknown content type). unknown object. Java scrapbook page (*.jpage file), Java scrapbook page (*.jpage file). Java scrapbook page (evaluation in progress). JAR description file. JUnit test result file . Java working. Icon, Description. Information icon, Information. Warning icon, Warning. Warning with quick fix icon, Warning with quick fix. Error icon, Error. Error with quick fix icon, Error with quick fix. Delete. Filter. Icon, Name, Description. Minimize icon, Minimize, Minimizes the Navigator view. Maximize icon, Maximize, Maximizes the Navigator view. Back Icon, Back, This command displays the hierarchy that was displayed immediately prior to the current display. For example, if you Go Into a resource, then the Back command in the.

This is a fairly comprehensive list from the Eclipse documentation. If anyone knows of another list — maybe with more details, or just the most common icons — feel free to add it. Oxygen: JDT Icons. Neon: JDT Icons. Mars: JDT Icons. Luna: JDT Icons. Kepler: JDT Icons. Juno: JDT Icons. Indigo: JDT Icons. Helios: JDT Icons. I was having the same problem, the new eclipse juno icon at first and then the old eclipse ide ee icon in windows taskbar. what I did was to search for png files in the eclipse plugin folder and there try to identify the new icons and the old ones. I found that the old ones were coming from. Create a new file in your home directory -eclipse. # call eclipse with this command: # Gtk2 forced: # export SWT_GTK3=0. # env GTK2_RC_FILES=/ usr/share/themes//gtk/gtkrc:/home//.gtkrc-eclipse '/ path_to_eclipse/eclipse'. # In your Eclipse directory find the file 'e4_default_gtk. css'.

Right-click the Eclipse icon ⇒ Lock to Launcher. (For older version - If the above don't work) Create a /usr/share/applications/p file with the following contents: [Desktop Entry] Name=Eclipse Type=Application Exec=eclipse Terminal=false Icon=/usr/local/eclipse/ Comment=Integrated Development. This installs Eclipse as a Quick-Launch icon in your Taskbar Program launch area. This work process is also shown in Figure A Once you select the Pinto Taskbar command from the right-click menu, the Eclipse Juno purple sphere launch icon appears on your Windows Taskbar, which is usually at the bottom of the. EGit is the Git integration for the Eclipse IDE, see EGit is already included in the Eclipse Juno Release, so you do not need to install it. ( Note the changed icons: the project node will have a repository icon, the child nodes will have an icon with a question mark, ignored files, e.g. the bin directory, .



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